Custom Banquettes & Headboards - Designers Workroom Omaha
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Banquettes & Headboards

Bespoke Custom Banquettes & Headboards

Custom Banquettes and headboards

Some of the most important interior design choices you can make include your choice of banquettes and headboards.

A bespoke design for a custom banquette can completely reshape an entire room. A custom headboard can revitalize your bedroom and become a central piece that ties together a design. Our team of interior design experts is ready to help you realize your interior design goals.

Here’s how we work with you to bring your design goals to life.

Custom Banquettes In Omaha

Custom banquettes are something truly special. It’s a rare sight to see banquette seating, and it’s always a sign of a refined space and a sense of taste when it comes to interior design. You can do so much by transforming your banquette with a custom upholstery project.

Banquettes make an ideal choice for cozy dining areas. If you’ve got seating near a window, a banquette can transform your furniture from a basic bench to something much more elevated.

Our upholstery experts can work with you to elevate the space you are designing.

We Manufacture Custom Headboards

Whether it’s in a business lounge, hotel lobby, restaurant, or in a private home, our custom headboards manufactured in Omaha, NE can provide a sense of taste and a purposeful interior design.

We can design a custom headboard that elevates your interior design project. This is an amazing choice to bring more value to that Airbnb or take your master bedroom to a whole new level. We’ve got over four decades of experience, and we’re ready to work with you to create something beautiful.

Start Your Interior Design Project Today!

At Designers Workroom, we’re here to ensure that your interior design dreams can become realities. We’ve got over four decades of experience designing everything from custom headboards to bespoke upholstery projects. Our team is available for everything from rush orders to working with you on a complete interior remodeling project.

Reach out to us today for a free consultation and a free quote about your next custom interior design project.